Spring 2018 CPHT-Pacifica Alt-Photo Meeting

Planned Agenda

  • Main Program: Tara McDermott is a photographic artist who explores ideas of beauty and fantasy in the natural world. She holds a BFA in photography from the University of Washington and exhibits at the Columbia City Gallery in South Seattle. Originally born in Long Island, NY, she has lived more than half her life in Seattle, trading one coastline for another. In the last 4 years she has transitioned from landscape and color botanical straight photography to also incorporating encaustic (a combination of beeswax with damar resin) with her layered film collaged imagery. Her studio is based in the historic Inscape Arts Building in SODO. She describes her work as an attempt to create emotive portraits of places, both real and imaginary.
    Tara will be explain the process of creating a photo encaustic, starting from a photo print to a finished piece, ready to hang on the wall. She'll explain the basic materials, where to purchase them, archivability, and step-by-step instructions including panel preparation, tips to make create a full frame mounted piece with clean edges, and show a typical encaustic set up. She'll demonstrate techniques for working with encaustic and provide some suggestions to further explore additional directions beyond the basics.
  • Alt-Photo News: Open discussion of shows, news, or other items of interest.
  • Print Viewing: Informal print viewing and discussion of new work (bring your work to show on tables)
  • Alt-Photo Gear and Art Swap: Alt-photo gear and art swap meet. Bring anything related to making the art, or the art itself that you would like to sell or trade.

Meeting Details

When: Saturday April 28th,2018 - 1-4pm
Print Display Tables Available

Bring your Alternative Photography prints to display and share with attendees.

Location & Directions

Allied Arts Space at 1418 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA. 98225